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Supplier Quality Surveillance

oilrefineryOur supplier quality surveillance services at vendor and supplier sites for the manufacturers, owner, and other stake holders will verify that the equipment or goods have been manufactured in accordance with client’s specifications, design and other applicable quality system requirements as specified.

  • ITP sign off after completion of task
  • Review of material test reports
  • Witnessing mechanical tests, factory acceptance tests and hydrostatic and pneumatic tests
  • Witnessing welder’s performance qualifications
  • Witnessing NDE and performing visual examinations
  • Review of weld procedure specifications and procedure qualifications
  • Examination of edge preparation, fit-up and dimensional attributes
  • Inspection of coatings
  • Shop and site inspection involving stage and final inspection
  • Witnessing performance tests
  • Verify welding consumables & storage
  • Pre-shipment inspection
  • Review manufactures record book prior to contract close out

In-Process Inspection
The inspection team performs a visual inspection of products during production. The inspection team may subject some products for random material testing if requested by client. The in-process testing helps in reducing failure.

Final Inspection
Atlantic Robotics and NDE Services team will perform a final inspection comprising of a detailed visual inspection of goods before shipment. It is generally conducted on the manufacturer’s premises. Upon completion of the final inspection, a detailed inspection report is sent to the client and the inspection release certificate is issued to the supplier upon approval from client.

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